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Even in a Chinese take-out place, the New World Order is omnipresent.  While waiting for my order I perused the May 15, 2017 issue #20 and discovered the mag it self has a serious issue.  It is a pure UN Agenda 21 New World Order social engineering mass media propaganda rag. 

In this issue, Leonardo Di Caprio, the global warming scam climate change activist wants to have a child, but he doesn't want to get married.    He seeks a surrogate to be the mother of his child, but not necessarily his girlfriend.  He would pay the surrogate to be a stay at home mom while he goes whoring around the world in his private jets and yachts spewing a carbon footprint the size of a small state.

And Nicole Ritchie "gut checks" her husband, Joel Madden, who displays a Freemasonic compass tattooed over his heart and an all-seeing eye tattooed on the center of his chest.

The New World Order is omnipresent, hidden in plain sight.

Just pick up OK, or US, or Allure or dozens of other NWO so…